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Mideast round 4


Apr 2013

A come from behind 4th place finish!

It was another fantastic day for racing in Woodruff SC this past weekend. The weather was perfect and looked like it was going to be another promising day.

There were close to 300 riders on the starting line with 20 of those riders lined up beside me in the AA class. I was able to get off to a decent start and was running mid-pack. As we entered the woods, the course routed us through multiple river bottoms that were pretty sloppy. I made a small mistake and sure enough found myself face first in a water hole!! I was lucky enough to get out of that mess and continued on and checked in at the completion of lap 1 in 9th place.

I put my head down and started to make my charge. The track was really nice and I was able to get into a pretty good grove and made some passes throughout the race and finished in 4th. I was hoping there was going to be one more lap as I had enough energy and wanted to get on the podium but just ran out of time.

Thanks to all my sponsors for the continued support and hope to have a better day at the Big Buck GNCC this weekend.