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GNCC Round 9


jun 2013

Another overall at Snowshoe !

It was a wonderful weekend at the Snowshoe GNCC in WV. It was very foggy during the morning hours and the dew that covered the ground would later prove for uneasy racing conditions. A total of 350 riders lined up for the start of the morning race. The track conditions throughout the woods were super sloppy and it made for a very challenging race.

. . The conditions reminded me a lot like the Blackwater 100 meaning the track had large mud holes, deep ruts, and mud flees everywhere. It was a tough race and one of the toughest that I can remember competing in since I starting racing back in the late 90's! (Well I may have lied about that number a little bit). Anyway, I was able to choose ruts that had solid bottoms, carefully maneuvered through traffic, and tried to avoid getting stuck. I felt like I was riding pretty slow and making mistakes but I guess everyone else was having the same trouble as well. The course routed us through Howard's Hole, which was very tough to manage and took its toll on me on the last lap. Luckily I was able to navigate through it with some energy left and pushed to the finish for the win and overall for the morning race.

Thank you again to everyone for making it happen!!!