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June 2014

The toughest race in America, and a win !

Well what a weekend, snowshoe has become the toughest race around and it was that this weekend after 3 hours of rain Saturday night it made the course very challenging. They shorten the track up for the morning race just so we could finish I guess and I am glad they did.

My ribs have healed up good but boy was I out of shape the air is thin and I couldn't get enough of it at times. Went on to finish though after a couple of fall overs I was ready for the finish. I won my class but came in and they had me third overall so I went up on the podium and went through all of that and at the end the gncc people came up and said by adjusted time someone else got third so I wound up fourth overall which was ok I was just glad I finished. I used the new v340 tackee and it pulled me through all the slick sections awesome.

Thank you again to everyone for making it happen!!!