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Powerline Park


oct 2014

Another win - and back to Overall !

The race this weekend was in St Clairsville, Ohio which is roughly 500 miles north of my stomping ground in Blacksburg, South Carolina. This weekend featured some of the craziest weather and temperatures with lows in the 30's and highs in the mid 50's. On Saturday the track received rain and sleet that made for some muddy racing conditions however Sunday turned out to be quite nice! Temperatures were 45 degrees when Ricky Towery yelled "10 seconds" as the 411 riders took to the roughly 9 mile course. When the flag dropped, I got a good jump on the rest of the riders in my class with and led them through the first turn. I was able to navigate the course and all the nasty mud holes with ease thanks to my Vee Rubber mounted Tackees and came through the first lap in the overall position. The track had tacked up significantly overnight and early morning that made race conditions very nice with only a few bad spots. The cool weather was a nice change from the summer races and I was able to find a nice comfortable flow. The mud flees were in full effect at the creek jump and the deep mud holes throughout the course. It was extremely tricky in these sections picking lines when there are so many choices. The spectators often point you to lines however are not always reliable for the whole 2 hour race. I did catch a couple of lappers which is always one of the more difficult parts of the race because some of them can be very unpredictable. I found myself taking the checkered flag at the 2 hour and 15 min mark and the top step on the podium!

Thank you again to everyone for making it happen!!!