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oct 2014

AA Elite win in Mideast

This year has been flying by and this weekend I headed to the Mid-East race in Columbus, SC. The Foothills Hare scramble is one of the closes races for me and made the short 55 mile trek west from Blacksburg SC. The track was brand new so I was excited to see the layout!

I had another great weekend of racing in the AA Elite class. The weather was a little damp with showers on and off Saturday. Sunday proved to be the same and we had sprinkles here and there throughout the morning. As noon came around for the start, the rain finally came to an end and the 225 riders took to the track. I cranked my engine and grabbed the hole shot. Little did I know, another rider in my class wanted the win as bad as I did! We had a nice battle on the first and second laps and I finally secured the first place position on lap 3 of the 6 lap race. It was a new track with hills and roots and turned out to be a good day with a win and 12th overall.

Thank you again to everyone for making it happen!!!