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steel creek


Apr 2015

The win and the overall at Big Buck !

It was a beautiful day for racing this past weekend at Round 4 of the Grand National Cross Country Series in Union SC. The track is roximately 45 minutes from my residence which makes these closer races a joy! This has always been my favorite track and it showed this past weekend. I got the holeshot over the other 15 racers in my class on my Ride PG FE350. The track was perfect condition and my Vee Rubber Tackees gave me "super traction". I was able to outlast the other riders in my class and led the whole day. The course featured some challenging sections and multitudes of lappers however was able to maintain a good pace with no mistakes. I secured the win and the overall out of 365 riders. Thanks everyone for all the help and continued support!!

Thank you again to everyone for making it happen!!!