With 22 years experience and 14 pro championships, let me show you all I've learned about racing


vance earl

Now that the racing season is over, I just wanted to mention a few things to all our friends and fans

First of all I want to thank the NCHSA series workers and organizers. I've been associated with the series for decades now, as a Pro racer and also a race promoter. It's been a great experience, especially because everyone involved does such a good job and they're just good folks to hang out with on the weekends. I sometimes think of them all as my "racing family".

I really appreciate the people who cheer me on during races; it definitely motivates me and makes it all worth the hard work that goes into pro level race prep. And even though I'm getting a bit mature for the pro class, and I'm very happy about ending up with the #3 plate for next year, I have every intention of doing my best to become the 50-year-old Pro overall series Champion in 2013.

If I can win one more, that will be my 15th Pro overall victory, between the NCSHA and Mid-East series. I believe it will be some kind of record for us older guys, and a great way to end my Pro racing career. Going out on top would be great, considering our bodies do have limitations. I'm very satisfied about how my racing career has turned out, especially now that I'm working with other riders – helping them learn what I've learned. Besides, I won't ever stop racing. I'll just race with guys my own age; it should be a little less stressful, and I know it'll be even more fun.

Besides, I hardly have time to ride anymore with all the racing related stuff I have going now. My boy is going strong, with 2 Championships so far, and improving constantly. My bike shop is booming; I'm up to my eyeballs in engines, suspension, race bike prep – you name it. Now I'm giving riding lessons regularly. We got our new riding facility to maintain, with an MX track and probably 16 miles of excellent one-way wood riding. And, I still get my buddies together to help me set-up and promote a couple races each year.

It looks like I may very soon be the official test rider for my V-Rubber tire company. I've been working with them for a few years now. They've made a lot of good improvements that I've suggested. So, the tires have become very good. But I want to tweak a few things to make them even better and add a few sizes.

Oh, before I forget. I'm thinking about putting on a few special events during the winter. We're just kicking it around now, but if you interested in coming for a riding instructional, family-fun get-together, practice race sort-of weekend; and just have a good time without the race series stress. If you're interested in something like this, drop me a note, suggesting some good weekend dates for you, so I can start thinking about scheduling them.

upstate cycle

I would like to make special mention to Gerald Jones of Upstate Cycle in Greenville, SC. He is not only a genuine nice guy, but a huge offroad advocate and participator as well as one of the best motorcycle dealers I have ever delt with in my 24 years of racing. It is an absolute pleasure working with Gerald and his crew. So if your in the market for a new or used ride, please give Gerald a call, just a call and you will see what I am talking about. His number is 864-232-7223. Upstatecycle.com



I live to ride motorcycles. I have been racing for the past 24 years and am still going at it. In those 24 years, I have captured 14 pro championships in the North and South Carolina area.

I have been married to my wife Susan for the past 20 years. We have three children, Evan (who also loves to ride and race motorcycles), my daughter Paige and Ashley, the oldest at age 21. I also have two grandchildren, Hunter and Gavin, wow, I am getting old! I have had total support from my family during my entire racing career. We make our race weekends family events, it keeps us close and I wouldn't change that for anything.



Vance Earl Racing is a full service bike shop. We are now open full time and ready to service your ride in any way you need, including bike setup and race preparation for both you and your ride.

Here at the shop we can handle engine rebuilds on both two and four stroke bikes. We also will service you suspension as well as handle all the leg work on a suspension revalve thru FTI Racing.

We all sell Vee Rubber tires as well as the only 19" rear trials tire made through Vee Rubber. This is the tire I race on as well as my team, so if I like it, you probably will too!

We can handle all of your parts needs as well including gear for your body.

On top of all this great stuff for your ride, I am available through my Vance Earl Off-Road Riding program to prepare your body and share the tons of knowledge I have acquired over my racing career. I keep no secrets and am an open book in teaching you proper bike set-up, training and riding skills you need to make you a better rider.

I have 14-Pro Class championships in the Carolina's so one could say I know what I'm talking about. .

I'm Vance Earl and I'm here to help you. So give me a call, anytime.